Friday, April 1, 2011

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

I decided this morning to link up with the 2011 Ultimate Blog Party over at 5 Minutes for Mom.  I typically shy away from the really big blog hops as I feel overwhelmed by the quantity of links and I don't know where to start....but I decided to throw myself in with the masses, and try to branch out of my smaller circle of blogging friends.

So here is my overview:

I started this blog started on January 1, 2011 and it is a 365 day project for creativity.  I just left my teaching job at the end of 2010 for health reasons, and I wanted to make sure to have daily direction and focus while I do the daily business of healing.  Some days are good, and some days aren't but mostly I am pretty real on my blog as to what is going on in my brain, heart, and soul.  I love to create things and express my inner artist!

Robert and Jerri

Felix and Sylvia
 I have a wonderful hubby, Robert, two kids in elementary school, Sylvia and Felix, two cats, Eight Ball and Dr. Fang, and two dogs, O Meu (means 'hey you" in Portuguese) and Verbaux.

These are some of my favorite projects over the last nearly 100 days.  I linked each of these pictures to the original blog post too if you are into some browsing.  Before this blog, I had never tried many of these projects before.  I love to learn new things and experiement
Cold press soap with lyno carved stamp
Paper box with 3D paper flower
Scrap fabric wrapped frames
Paper beads on stretchy string

Rope bowl woven with yarn and ribbon

Knit turtle

Crochet woman tie

Knit iChord with marbles necklace

Kumihimo braiding

 Thanks so much for stopping by!  I plan on spending my weekend bopping around all the other blogs on the linky list.....can't wait to see and learn new stuff from creative new people!


  1. Wow 365 days of projects! You are talented. Just stopping by from the blog party!

  2. Stopped by from the party! I blog at

  3. Hi,

    Lovely children you have :D

    Stopping by from UBP 2011. My name is Juliana and I hope you return my visit to my Personal blog or Shopping blog. Nice to meet you and see you around.

  4. Lovin this party! I'm your newest follower. Looks like we have similar interests. Thanks for the party visit :)

  5. You have a beautiful family and your crafty projects are awesome!

    Enjoy the party : )

  6. Hi Jerri. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I rarely get to meet other Jerri's especially with the same spelling. lol.

    I love all your crafts! I'm now following!

  7. I join the party and stoped by to say hello. I love crafting and photography or better yet anything creative.

  8. Stopping by from the UBP! I love anything, 365 days? Great job! I'm your newest follower...stop by and visit if you get the chance!

  9. How exciting! So happy to find you via UBP11. I love making stuff too - and I'm trying to make enough time in my schedule for this very thing. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Come visit and check out some of our projects!

  10. You've got some great projects here! The UBP is pretty intimidating; and we're only on day 2! I like your idea of making a list of blogs to go back and read more thoroughly; I stole it and am doing it myself.

  11. Stopping by from UBP 2011, returning your following. Great Blog - I look forward to following your crafting.

  12. Visiting you from UBP11. Nice to "meet" you. I love all the things that I have learned from the blogging world. Very fun. I too have learned to make paper beads ;) I love the soap you made too. Just great!

    Stop by and say hi anytime. I love having new visitors and comments at my blog:
    Long Wait For Isabella

  13. Hello! Love your blog and will connect with you as soon as I hit submit button. Find me at
    P.S. Also if you can find a minute and vote for me as elenka29 here
    (it's a competition to get into fitness bootcamp for moms. There is no registration - just click and submit). Looking forward to reading more of your posts

  14. Wow, you've been busy over the last 100 days! I hope your healing process is going well. I know teaching can be stressful. I think it's awesome that you have attempted so many different projects and been brave enough to share the fabulous results. So glad you decided to join the blog hop so I could find your blog!
    Happy Stitches.

  15. Just found you on the UBP and am so glad to meet you and your family! Love your work... gotta go and check out more from you.

    joy & blessings,


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