Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 114: Cutting Soap and Blocking Knits

After yesterday's frustrations, I recovered my wits, and picked up my knits.  I finished my square with the swirl in it successfully and treated myself to cutting my newest batch of soap into bars.

I think this pattern is very cool!  I need to work on my multiple stick juggling and I suspect that I am doing something funky at the end of each needle.  Whatever it is, I did it consistently so I have nothing to compare it against.  Maybe I should try another swirl square today doing the corners a little differently.  More likely, I will just press on to another pattern.

As for soap, I thought I had one mold full of layers and one mold full of swirls.  Both molds ended up looking much the same.  I had swirly bars and layered bars from each mold, so I think I might need a soaping tutor to work it out.  Still, these are lovely!

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