Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 115: Knit Block, and actual signs of SPRING!

 Under the leaves in my gardens, I can find actual signs of the Spring that everyone else in Blogland seems to have already.  This is a Lenton Rose and is already in bloom underneath the leaves.  It is so pretty, and I find it extra amusing that the blooms may have come and gone before I ever clean the insulating leaf cover off of the gardens.  I dug for this one a big, and I am glad I did!
 Here are some baby daffodils that I planted several years back now, and they just force their way through the leaf cover.  It is nice not to have to go hunting for them while the kids are out hunting for eggs.
The kids colored eggs today, and for the first time with them, I blew out the eggs to use them for cooking instead of having a bunch of hard boiled eggs that I never got around to eating.  Each kid got to blow out one egg as I had visions of them spewing egg all over each other and the kitchen.  It seems also that my lungs aren't holding up to my absence from playing musical instruments.  I felt very poorly prepared for egg blowing.

Here is my last knit square in preparation for my class.  I didn't really follow a pattern for this one but rather mixed several patterns.  I did a few rows in seed stitch, a few rows in garter stitch, and more rows in stockinette stitch.  The holes come from knitting two stitches together and then following with a yarn over.

I am hoping for a nice Easter Sunday with family and friends.

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