Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 113: WHAT exactly do I need to do with that stick?

I have three times ripped out this pattern which is supposed to have a swirling pattern within a square knit block. I am having problems because I am supposed to start with two cast-on stitches on each of four double ended needles...then WHAT exactly am I supposed to do with that fifth stick that I know I need to use, but the pattern doesn't tell me how! I have pictures, but I am too frustrated to go deal with downloading pictures my avid readers will just have to wait.

This block may very well give me so much trouble that I may give up and move on.....I hate admitting defeat by an inanimate object.

Photos added Friday, April 22, 2011 at 12 noon


  1. Hi Jerri... I am reading you day by day story... interesting... I love to knit but my patience comes to an end after an inch knitting... I too love to do each and everything, and for me knitting is sweet romantic dream... I once kintt my husband sweqater only... your looks so neat ... I am sure it will go well because you said
    I hate admitting defeat by an inanimate object.
    wish you all the best and I am going to follow you too and reply your question of GUTTA in your mail too

    Hope you would like to visit me again

  2. Hi, the fifth needle is used to knit on to. Use it in your right hand and knit from one of the other needles. When all the stitches are knit you now have an empty needle again, so switch this to your right hand again and start knitting the next side of the square. Hope this answers your question?
    Loving your blog
    Take care


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