Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 112: Knit Blocks with cables! This is code for FUN!

 WOOOO!  I finished two blocks today in between muscle spasms and dog fights.  My dogs were absolutely nuts today....running around and play fighting with tails wagging with joy!  I just don't get it, although, when I am around good friends we sometimes just razz each other raw while laughing the whole time.  I guess it is the same thing.

Anyhoooooo, I digress.  I find that the pattern of this one is difficult to see in the picture....I could explain what you should see, but that would be boring.  I used only scrap yarns from my shawl project and I hope to be able to get all four homework squares out of that material without running out early.  Hmmmm.  Cross your fingers!
 This is a close-up of the little cables that are on a knit 2/ purl 2 pattern.  Very simple for my first cable pattern (this IS the same pattern that I ripped out a few posts back, but I have conquered!).  Gosh, I just love LOVE LOVE this bamboo yarn!
On this picture, the pattern of ending cables in a staggered way and continuing up the block with plain K2P2....very subtle but interesting.

 This one is was sooooo fun.  After completing the simple cable cross-over above, I felt more confident to try one that had me storing stitches on little markers while knitting or purling.  I think it is classy!
Detail shot shows both the cables and the sheen on the yarn.....pretty pretty!  Two more blocks at minimum to be prepared for my knitting class in one week's time.  Plus, Mom is coming up for Easter weekend, and I have to be prepared to push my knitting aside and joyfully bead with Mom.  I have to finish ALL of my homework before getting to play!


  1. Thank you so much for visiting Jerri!
    Hope you enjoy it all.
    What type of tutorial are you looking for?

    Those flowers were so much fun to make. I think I made 6 of them that night, burning my fingers in the process of making the smaller ones. I have so much more of that fabric left. I also sent it to Goodwill not knowing what to do with it.

    I see that you knit. I have a friend trying to get me to learn as I have tried in the past and my fingers just donot what to learn. ;-)

    Happy Blogging!


    I tried emailing you, but you are a no-reply.

  2. Beautiful! Glad you made it to the party, thanks for joining.

  3. I am just butting in to say THANK YOU for a little treat that showed up in my mail box! Thanks Jerri!

  4. Hey Jerri!

    HAHAHAA. I get it now. DUH.
    I wish I knew what a true spring looked like. Here in NC it is too warm to
    be spring. I think Spring actually starts in February and by April, we are
    heading into Summer. It was 90ish yesterday! That is not spring.

    I did pottery years ago. LOVED IT. One day I will get back into it. I still
    have quite a few pieces left, one offs that I loved. Most of my pieces are
    out in the world somewhere. I did a few shows, but mostly did projects for
    family and friends.

    I may have to find my pictures to put up on my site.

  5. I love your knits! wow! sunny109


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