Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 102: After a much needed day off

Yesterday I "took the day off" and I found it very hard to force creativity today.  I just always seemed to have something else commanding my attention and energy.  This is why I started this project in the first place, right?  To explore the discipline of creativity on a daily basis............not such an easy task, discipline.  I don't feel it much at all today, and yet, I made a little something, or rather, made progress on my "little somethings."

I knit a little, and I worked in my altered books some.  Here are some snapshots of what I added with a paint pen.  I picture many layers in this work, so the initial layer is pretty uninspiring.  What do you think?
I linked this up to Debbie's Newbie Party! She does such a nice job of having a place for new bloggers to have a voice and meet other newbies too!

I tried to be free and open and loose

Dragonfly friends almost always sneak into my work

Doodling definition....these too are common for me


  1. My hubby is also a GREAT doodler! :) Thanks for your sweet comment and follow! Returning the favor! SO excited about following your journey! :)

  2. I think you could run with this Idea. I especially like the Black Eyed Susan. I could see it and others used in a planting journal. GO FOR IT...:}

  3. nice work. I love the last one. coming over from debbiedoos newbie party

  4. You are very talented my dear. I wish I could do stuff like this too. We all have our thang:) Thanks for joining the party..have fun.


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