Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 97: On the Burlap Band Wagon, and Goooooey step one

Seems like everything in crafty blogland is covered with burlap, has burlap ruffles on it, has rosettes made from burlap, or is some sort of up-cycled flour sack....I guess the reason it because it is stinkin' cute!  I took and old red frame we had around here (the glass was even broken, how useless is that!?!) and got on the burlap band wagon to make a "wreath" for our outside entry.  I took down the Chrismas wreath which is the ONLY wreath we have, so I don't really change them for the seasons....we just have one up or we don't.  Well no more!  I took down our Christmas wreath...ahem...yesterday....and put this one together today!  Don't judge me, we had many MANY inches of snow for the past several consecutive months until this latest grand thaw, and now everything is just plain muddy until the grass decides to show up.
Does my "wreath" need more?  Like a cheesy but acceptable letter "N" or the words "Welcome" somewhere?  I have a thing I am considering hanging in the middle....so we shall see.

 Not too bad for what I had hanging around the house!  The yellow puffs I had in my napkin ring box but hand't made more than one, so on the frame they go for a little more color on my front step!  The best thing is that everything is secure, but nothing is permanent!  So, if I decide that burlap is out and all the cool doorsteps have basket cane instead, then off with the old and wrap on with the new =)  But then again, since I have had my wreath for Christmas since I made it nearly 5 years ago now, the tides of change are pretty slow around here.  I like this one anyway, so I keep it....at least until next Christmas!

I have been working on some other messiness here today.....here are some pictures, but no explanation until it either turns our or doesn't.....right now it is just gooey!

Never throw away even a scrap of scrap paper....NEVER!  And you too can have this with a little goo!


  1. WOW! You are quite the busy crafter....I wish I had kept up with my scrapping as well as you have. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Nice to meet you!

  2. Love your burlap wreath! Square wreaths are so modern, and I love the way the modern shape is juxtaposed with the earthy materials. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I'm also loving the burlap these days! I've got some plans for a kitchen burlap wall hanging. Thanks for stopping by The Sweetest Pear. I'm now your newest follower!

  4. Jerri, Thanks for your tips on commenting. I've noticed that on other blogs and don't dig it, so I was contemplating it. Now I will for sure! I appreciate the feedback!


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