Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 28: Napkin Rings

Orchid, Ivy, and Ribbon.....made today.
I was visiting my grandma for lunch today and my two aunties were there also.  Following lunch, Grandma busts out the bags of crafts and we worked on napkin rings.  This craft actually came from my mother-in-law Sumara and tia-in-law Mara via Christmas gifts several years back. 

Napkin Rings: Made by Mara and Sumara
I keep extra sets in gift tins for the quick gift.
 Sumara and her sister got together prior to the large gathering and made pretty poinsettia napkin rings for the big dinner, and they also made a set of napkin rings for each female of my age group. I was so pumped as I rarely get a handcrafted gift!
Coneflower poof things: made today
Detail: I love the watercolor silk roses!
The day after Christmas that year, I had my hubby take me to Michael's where I cleaned up purchasing clearance garland covered in mini-poinsettia.  I also bought some other floral stuff at amazing discounts.  I then returned to the house and made napkin ring sets for all of my girlfriends.  I also still have sets upon sets myself.  Grandma went out after Christmas last year and got many of the same deals but hadn't finished making the actual napkin rings.  We sat around the table in the kitchen pretending to mock each other and "judging" while we made these fun little things. 

I tied 2 colors with same beaded accent.
Upon returning home this afternoon, my kids Sylvia and Felix (who didn't have school today due to professional development day) hadn't had enough, so I brought down the box labeled "Napkin Ring Supplies" and she went to town.  When I inventoried the stash, I realized that I had bought orchids and strange, poofy, yellow, cornflower looking things but hadn't done anything with them.  VOILA!  Craft for today, finito.


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  2. Wow, these are so pretty...something really different from the norm! Lovely. :)


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