Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 25: iPad Bag....pimp my iPad bag, way better than pimp my ride!

It is 10 p.m. now, and although I have fulfilled my actual craft quota for the day, I failed to get photos in to the blog. Sorry, kids! I did actually go to my favorite pottery class tonight for the first time in months. I saved energy all day to try to go, and I WENT! I only threw four small cups, but none of them died, and as long as I stretched between, I could do it with adding too much pain. We will really have the verdict on that one tomorrow.

Stitching detail, simple, I know, but I am proud anyway.
I will put up photos tomorrow of my iPad bag progress....I now have put stiff interfacing in the base, and I have hand sewn a polka dotted frame around the iPad pocket. I will admit it doesn't seem like a lot of progress, but I have also been sketching out my liner and pocket construction and I might even be ready to cut that out tomorrow.

Hard to stick with pin cushion =)
I also used scraps and a spool from a used up machine thread to make a pin cushion.....my first one despite the project being a really handy and quick use of scraps. I just took some of the blanket scraps from my bag project, rolled them into a ball, wrapped around the top of the spool and sewed it on tight cinching the upping up around the spool end. I then did the same with a scrap of the cool Bombay fabric as well and glued some ribbon around the middle of the spool to finish it off. I thought i could wrap my tape measure around the spool, put magnets on the other end and put it on my new magnet board. I finished it up this afternoon and tried to stick some little pins in it....then I realized that ten million layers of wadded up blanket is REALLY hard to stick with a pin. So much for my first pin cushion, and i GLUED LOTS. I don't think there is any way to retrieve the spool for another try.

I think I will still stick it on my board to hold my tape measure as a reminder to keep working to improve shortcomings in my ideas, art, life. Plus, sometimes, I could use it to take out frustration.....forceful stabbing with pins may indeed have its time and place.

Pictures, tomorrow, I promise.

As promised...pictures added Wednesday, January 26, 11:00 a.m.
I might have to rethink the flap....hmmmm.

Framed plastic pocket....I love dots for some reason!
 I stuffed the bag this time for photos, and I think it makes it easier to see the form and detail.  I still have no strap, no liner, and no pockets inside, but there is light at the end of the tunnel!

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