Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 30: iPad Bag INSIDE!

I finished the liner today, and instead of using the beat up red blanket, I used the even more beat up yellow blanket.  I have another purse that I like with a very light inside liner and it makes it very easy to see inside your purse to find that one thing that you just know is in there.  I added a larger pocket on the side as I am always lugging a journal around and perhaps a book on the next hobby of choice.  It also offers some counter balance to the weight of the iPad on the other side so that when set down on the ground, it doesn't just tip over iPad to the dirt.  I failed with my original set of intended zipper pockets on the inside, but instead ended up with a clear plastic set of pockets that I think I am going to like much more.  It will keep my cell and meds very handy and close to the top of the purse.  I do need to add a little more stitching here and there to keep the parts of the liner tight to the purse in a few key structural areas.  Otherwise, I AM DONE!  Soap tomorrow?  Mayhaps, yes, mayhaps.....

I have to say that I like the edgy look of the yellow stringies that line the top of the plastic pockets, but I may have to add some stuff to keep it from fraying further.  Time will tell on that one!  Tomorrow I will have to put my new bag to work (not going to work, just working for me!).  Toodles!  Almost one month down!


  1. Awesome! I like the pockets for stuff!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement creative ladies! I am feeling a little drained for a project today, but having comments on my blog gives me renewed fuel! The day is not over yet!


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