Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 23: iPad Bag

This is  my pleat and gather...oooh, ahhh.
I have never sewn anything without a pattern.....I take that back.  I have never sewn anything NOT SQUARE without a pattern.  I have been thinking for days now about a bag that would be my new, artsy, retired yet not appearing as tired as I really am, "go to" bag that would hold my iPad in it too.  There are some more additions that are called for, for sure, but here is where we are tonight.
What it does have:
*Fabric from Bombay, brought back from the travels of my too-cool-for-words-sister-in-law.  I have been holding on to it for every since it really has to be the right project for such cool fabric.  You know I am right.
*The padding (which you can clearly see in yesterday's blog pic before I turned it right side out) was from pieces of recycled blanket that was eaten by my old washer and dryer, but I hadn't realized that I didn't throw out until I cleaned out my linen closet (as per Motivated Moms project on Friday).
*It has some non-square design...i.e. pleats/gathers on the side that will allow for me to stuff it with everything under the sun (but still weighing under 10 pounds as per the request of the spine doctors).  The pattern, which I sort of made (I cut and pinned together) was made out of the pillow case I splattered with coffee and india ink painting), will allow me to do this again if it actually turns out okay.
*The flap has binding on it, with....wait for it.....hand sewing (both my gram and friend Kristin will beam with joy, I usually do the sloppy fold over and sew for that stuff) with leftover fabric from the last time I did mono-printing.

*What it doesn't have: Lining (I don't even know where to start, I just know I need it), some sort of strappy device for the shoulder, pockets LOTS OF POCKETS, and a plastic pocket for my iPad......more pics to come!  Be jealous.....very very jealous!

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