Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 17: Sock Monkey Embellishments and Napkins

Jerri Sock Monkey got a lovely new tummy pocket to carry around whatever needs to be carried (it will probably hold my cell phone at night as it hangs out on the night stand lamp) and paper bead earrings and necklace.  Now she is just chillin' out from a hard day at home with the two kids on a non-school day Monday =)

The better part of my day was spent entertaining the kids, but I did manage a cup of coffee this morning, and decided to try taking my dingy white stained napkins and staining them darker and more intentionally in a boiling pot of coffee.  I then took a lyno block and carved "N" in it for Neddermeyer, stamped the monogram on each one, and set the paint by using a steamy hot iron.  Ta-da!  Artfully stained napkins guaranteed to hide the stains of a family of four!


  1. Dearest Jerri! You are inspiring me to start a 365 day journey of my own. It's scary to think about the commitment, but I guess if we can see the end of the journey before we start, what's the point of taking it? The question: Do I start pre-Uganda or post-Uganda? Any wonderful pointers for success?

  2. Kristin, every journey is worth the time to document it.....somehow like dignifying it with actual written word give it life of it's own.....what are you thinking for theme or parameter? I guess i would recommend blogging it, just as a way to be honest with yourself....I am only on day 18 and I have thought more than 18 times about blowing it off, but so far, I am on it! I am not sure I am one to give pointers on success since I am a relative blogging baby.....just start, and go, and keep going as long as you can.....I will follow you!

  3. This one is rock'n my socks off!!!

    love it :)

    Cindi @ Rustique Art


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