Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 29: Electronic Roll-up and Old-School Frienship Bracelets

I have problems with my cables and cool electronic gadget cables/converters/do-dads.  Not only do I not seem to have all of my cables together, but I am not always sure what each one is for.  Well, NO MORE!  This is my first go at an electronic pack that I might roll up and put in the bottom of my cool iPad bag.  I currently have my (L-R) headphones, my camera to computer cable,  headphone output to audio system cable, iPod with case separately (really, my camera would be in there with its charger, but I can't easily take a pic of the camera that I am using to take a pic.....), my converter thingy for camera card directly to iPad, the pigtail that would hook my iPad to a projector, and some writing stuff.  I will toy with another version of this over the next few days.  I love the plastic in that I can write on it and label places for each piece and I can see clearly what everything is without pulling it all out.  I don't like the two ply plastic as it is very rigid.  The good thing is that you can clearly see its contents....the bad thing is that you can also clearly see whatever the plastic has picked up due to static electricity (in my case, copious amounts of sewing threads, paper bits, and pet hair).  I will likely do a half sturdy fabric/half plastic version with some pocket size adjustments as well.....maybe some half pockets???  I will also add a tie or closure rather than resorting to binding it with a strip of scrap fabric.

Gadget Roll-Up rolled up!

Sylvia and I are also making our way through a book of friendship bracelet patterns.  So far we have completed the twist, the braid, and the basic knot.  We'll tackle those cool flat ones just like I used to make "back in the day" with all of my friends.  Next thing you know, I will be rolling up the ends of my jeans after pinching them tight to my ankle.  I might need to rat my bangs too.  Wait!  I am now thirty-something and I don't have bangs.  Too bad.  My time has past.  Now it is time to watch my daughter go through the motions of growing up!  What a ride that will be!
Old-School Friendship Bracelets....YEAH, BABY!

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