Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 31: Hey! I hit over 1000 on my hit counter today!!! and I made soap too!

Tucking in first soap after creation!
I am waiting for my very first batch of soap to come to some sort of similar temp so I can add nasty lye solution to yummy oil and mix! I had planned to do it earlier today...much earlier, but to use a Shutterfly coupon that expired today, I spent almost four hours sitting at the computer going through pictures to have printed. Procrastinating sure bit me big today. Now it is late, and I must finish soap mixing!

Done cleaning up at 10:04.  Just adding the pictures and off to bed. I stood in my kitchen mixing and wondering "how will I know when the batter is at 'TRACE' consistency" and then all of a sudden it just was.  I poured it in the mold (made by my hubby out of scrap hardwood floor planks), tucked it in with plastic wrap and a towel, and kissed it goodnight for the next two days before I can cut it, then put it to rest again for another few weeks.  Not a hobby for the impatient, or at least, not the only hobby for the impatient!

Oils, Water, and Lye, OH MY!

Yes, I will be purchasing goggles before my next batch.

Pouring into the mold made by hubby!  THANKS, ROBERT!


  1. Where is the respirator? Hopefully removed only for the paparazzi? :->

  2. Uhhh, yeah, this time I "did not inhale" but next time, respirator on too.....with the newly purchased safety goggles. Sorry, Kristin! Safety first, except when I am really really excited!


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