Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 26: Improvised Recorder Bag

Sylvia comes into my room this morning with her pink recorder and says, "Remember, I need my recorder to start playing in music today."  At which point, I did remember, but realize that she needs a little baggie (long lost from when we actually bought the recorder years back) and probably something to clean it with.  So, to the sewing machine I go, with 15 minutes before the bus leaves, and BEFORE I HAVE HAD ANY COFFEE....with my shreds of plastic from the iPad Bag project, and TADA!  Two minutes later I have a cute little bag, with her name written on it, and a scrap of blanket from the same project to wrap around her recorder to protect it a little, and she stuffed her little oboe swab in there to clean it with.  SHE WAS SO HAPPY!  "Mom, this is WAY cooler than the black bags that the school recorders come with!"  She practically skipped out the door this morning, and I really felt lucky that I have this random set of gifts.  I made her day with scraps, and just a little bit of thought.  My mom, GOD LOVE HER, couldn't have done that and I would have walked out the door with the $5 to get a school recorder with the bag and cleaner.  I would have been happy too.  Now of course, my mom can grow cool things in a dish and show me through the microscope, and she always gave me jars to catch lizards that escaped into her lab area from the greenhouse area on a lower floor, and she calmed me down when I pulled a tail off calmly explaining that that was a normal defense of theirs.  Every mom (or dad) has their own special touch that they put on the lives of children, and this was mine for today.


  1. Your early morning Super Mom productivity makes the rest of look bad. Can you try and be a slacker? I'd appreciate it.

    the original slacker

  2. I LOVE seeing the different talents and abilities of others. It inspires me to use mine a little more. The difference is what makes life so interesting. (You should really link up to some of those crafting blogs all over the place with your projects. People would love them!)

  3. sweet!
    Love your ipad bag seems useful and i was just thinking about those pads for pins.
    I still have one that belonged to my husband grandmother.

  4. Dearest original slacker.....your babies are babies, my kids are in school all day, believe me, when mine were youngins, I didn't do diddly beyond making sure they survived each day=)

    Cookingwithgas....I love the pin cushions.....totally cute. My friend Kristen has been making pods of little cushions in old cigar boxes or in strange little dishes from rummage sales. They are like servings of sewing.

    Sarah, Fesler does one "link up" with another crafty blog? I love chatting with you again!!!!


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