Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 6: Teensy Needle Holder

Cigar Box Sew-n-go by Kristin
Okay, so I returned from my very long day at about 9pm tonight.  Keep in mind that I went in early to turn in my keys, computer, and have an exit interview at my teaching job that I just quit due to health reasons.....I then went to physical therapy which made me cry, and then I took meds, and can't cry, then I returned to work, since I hadn't finished doing the computer back-up that needed to be done, and then I ran one more errand which seemed time sensitive at the time, but now I don't know why I did it at all.  I returned home, determined to eat lunch and go to a movie with my husband to celebrate my "retirement."  We saw The King's Speach which was VERY good, and then I returned home to completely pass out on the bed for a nap.  At 6pm, I went to dinner with some graduates from a couple of years back (since they are home from college right now) and enjoyed myself very much.....I then returned home to think about my goal for the year.....and then I looked at the work table, and I thought it was fairly telling of my life today.....and fairly telling of why I ended up leaving my teaching life that I table is full of scraps, mismatched, chaos, and I was left with very little energy for my goals.  But what good would it be if I fell apart on DAY 6 of my project?  So, onward, make something out of this mess that is good, and together, and sensible.....but small, since I am very tired.  So, no notebook covers today for the 5x7 notebooks that I was planning for the day, and I looked to a gift made for me by my dear friend Kristen Hoelscher-Schacker (Quilter, Fiber Artist, and CREATIVE MIND).  She made a cluster of little pin cushions inside an old cigar box.....for me to have a traveling craft as needed.....for waiting for children to get off the bus, or waiting at doctor offices, or waiting to wait......and so I made something teensy out of my chaos to go into the traveling "bag" of hold my I have a box of pin cushions, so why would I need a holder for needles?  The answer is....I don't need, but better to have and not need than need and not have....and it was made from scrap paper and stuffed with scrap batting from another it fits the bill for a late night.  I will sleep in tomorrow.  I have NO PLANS ALL DAY!  Pajama day?  I think so!

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