Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 21: Helping Hands Pockets

I had two failed projects today before turning to helping hands at 8:30pm.  I worked on making beach glass in my jewelery tumbler but the sand I had on hand was silica for pottery and is too fine I think.  It was in the tumbler for about 5 hours with barely taking off the sharp edges.  I will keep going on that idea when I buy more salt and manage to dig a handful of sand out of the kids' sandbox which is frozen under the glacial pass that is packed snow in the back yard.  I also made a lovely ring today out of some half round 12 g wire, but I over heated it because I didn't have it lined up well, and the whole thing went brittle either I really goofed up, or it wasn't really argentium as advertised.  I did finish every shred of laundry in the house today, and ended up with a pile of orphaned gloves.  I have been thinking more and more about pottery in the last few days, and have made a little goal to clean up the studio and make SOMETHING/ANYTHING on the wheel this weekend.  In that line of thought, I decided to act on the frequent dream that my pottery apron would grow more pockets.  I always wish I had one more tool right at my fingertips or that I didn't have to sort through my tool box to find my wonderful selection of ribs when I know I use each one for a specific purpose.  My orphaned gloves became helping hands pockets on my work apron, and I love them!  I think I will add more, esp. on the leg flaps as those pockets will sit right over my thighs while throwing.  Mental note: do not put needle tool in any of these pockets! 

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