Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 15: Blog Blahs

I am afraid that I have the blog blahs today.  I did craft much of the day, but I didn't feel inspired with anything new or innovative.  I helped my kids work on their own sock monkeys this morning, I took a nap in the early afternoon, and then, I went to babysit friends' kids so they could attend a company party.  After all kids were asleep and the Steelers were safely done with their game, I did some more paper beads and finished off some pendants made with scrap paper.  The pendants were mentioned several days ago when I was using diamond glaze to stick paper flowers onto a glass bowl.  The pendants are glass tiles with decorative paper on them.  The paper is covered with the glaze to seal it from skin oils and moisture.  They are nice, and easy to make.  The only down side for me is the cost of each glass tile at The Bead Monkey.  I have found that I prefer the square or rectangular shapes even though I can get the glass pebble kind in a number of sizes for about $3 for an entire bag of clear round ones.  The square ones range in price, but average about $1 each.  With paper beads, I just kept working to get faster, more size and shape variety, and I got a few different looks using scrap paper instead of magazine leftovers.  I will be more interesting tomorrow, I hope!

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