Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 12: Sock Monkey Make-over and Coffee Candles for Valentines

After my hubby harassed me over using his very sadly droopy (but warm) socks to make a sock monkey, and after he insisted that the sock monkey be his personal sock monkey, I couldn't help but spend part of my afternoon adorning the sock monkey with a few features unique to my hubby.....If you could see the beaded eyes clearly, you would see they are brown with gold flecks, just like the lovely eyes of my beloved, and hubby has always worn glasses, and he has a beard and mustache (the last 7 years or so), and he was born in Brazil.  I managed to scrounge up enough wool roving in appropriate colors from my lovely friend Jen Cuff ( to felt the mustache, beard, and Brazilian flag over his heart.  I didn't tell him about my day, but left sock monkey posed on his side of the bed to surprise him when he returned from work.  I took the kids to piano lessons, so I didn't get to hear his reaction, but he promises that it made him laugh.  I shall craft a Jerri sock monkey later I think.  They can keep the cats company on the bed while we are doing other things.

The other craft for the day came from my love of the smell of coffee.  I made myself a cup of coffee this morning and rather than throw out the coffee grounds after they were used, I added them to hot wax and made candles out of them in these cute little heart shaped bowls I found at Michaels.  I added some cocoa powder to the mix as well, and the candles smell great now.  It remains unknown if it will fill the house with the smell of burnt coffee when I light one up.  I will get back to you all on that one!  For now, just think they are cute, and I hope that it warms the hearts of the special people in my life that will get them as gifts.

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  1. You never fail to amaze me!!!
    Good job.....beijos from your proud m-i-l


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