Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 7: Glass Flower Bowl

 Today, I piddled most of the day, not actually accomplishing much.  I wasn't feeling good most of the day (no doubt paying for my activity yesterday) and so I sat and sorted through my folder of small scraps of paper.  I cut out TONS of little flowers on my Cricut, most of which went toward entertaining my kids after they returned from school.  I had a bowl I bought on sale from Target for $1 right after Christmas, and I decided to use some diamond glaze to glue flowers to the outside of the bowl.  It turned out to be very interesting.  I might completely go overboard and add more flowers tomorrow, but for now, I like the space between.  I met my friend "Diamond Glaze" at The Bead Monkey as they have some little project ideas which apply small pieces of paper to the backs of glass tiles and the add a pin or bail to make a pendant.  My kids love this project, and I confess, that it is a bit of an addition of mine.  I love to fine a little snippet of cool paper or fabric and display it under its looking glass.  Somehow, like framing something simple behind glass makes it viewable as more artistic.  I don't think I will make a series of this sort of thing, but it was fun today.  Play is learning for adults too!  I started out with no idea of the end product, and several hours later, I have something different than I started with.  It is colorful, whimsical, and my eye is drawn around I deem it to be good.  Next time, I might use strips of paper, torn up, wet a little so that it would form to the bowl more freely.....I would probably water down the early layers of diamond glaze too, and then seal it all with a concentrated layer or two for protection after it was thoroughly dried.

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