Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 19: Dye Job, Pillow Case Pick-Me-Up

Not a whole lot of actual finished jobs today, but some half started ideas.  Since coffee dye was a little bit gross, and not really blotchy enough to not just look more dingy than they already were, I tried a packed of blue dye that I had around for some other project?????  I honestly don't remember buying it at all, and there it was in the back of my drawer with the fabric paints.  I have three other colors too!  My friend Kristin calmly read the directions on the back while I put on apron, gloves and respirator.....and 10 napkins and jars and tupperware filled with scrunched up yucky dingy napkins later, I have some actually lovely napkins.  What ever will I stamp or embroider to the corners?  I might even go back and dye over the coffee dye job from the other day and see if I can't get a little closer to something I would willingly wipe my mouth on.....

I also took the pillow case (with coffee dye on it, to cover up the yucky sleep stains.....bleh) and painted on it with black india ink and gave color accents with very watered down fabrick paint.  I don't know if I am wild enough with these results to paint the same idea on more of the fabric or if I will just use this pillow case as my test case for different painting or dye jobs....every hobby has to have its guinea pig.  Maybe, if it is lucky, it will eventually grown into a purse or fabric journal cover or something....for now, I am just going to throw it in the wash and see what happens to the colors then!

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