Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 18: File Folder Notepad Covers, my old standby....

I had physical therapy today, which does seem to be going better, but after running a couple of errands and grocery shopping too (not to mention bringing in the fruits of the errands and putting them all away)....well, I didn't have much energy/drive/motivation/ability to do much else.  I did use patterned file folders this time around which is actually very nice.  I cut down on the amount of paper used at all, and still the product looks finished and cute.  I did only 5x7 sizes today, and I used every last scrap for the projects....including the tape backs for flowers, the scrap file folder pieces for Cricut cutouts, etc....Not glamorous or new, but some days are like that.  Creativity has discipline days just like any other daily activity.  It takes discipline not to use "sick days" when you are just sick of working.....it takes discipline to go through emails when you know they are only full of things that people need you to do....it takes discipline to practice your scales when all you want to do is play your fun music....it takes discipline to create when all you want to do is spend all day in bed sleeping.  It was especially cold today in Minnesota as well, and the cold always get into my every being......art always reflects life, right?  So blah days can yield somewhat blah art too....I have been sitting on some really decent ideas for a few days now, so when they get done rattling around in my noggin, then I will throw them out here for sharing.  Until then, notebook covers!  You know you love 'em!


  1. Hi- thanks for posting and I know I am going to love looking at your blog!
    I am working through thoughts about work and family.
    After losing my brother last year it does make one think.
    But now- my older sister is not well- so paper has become my way to deal.

  2. Family is so important, and none of us is immortal for sure....when things seem to move too fast, I go for the crafts with more immediate results. With clay, you fiddle with a piece over the better part of a month before you get to see its final form....if you haven't ruined it in glazing or firing or whatever! Thanks for posting!


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