Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 4: Paper Made Lids THAT FIT

Day 4: I was so irritated at the end of yesterday since my lid didn't fit properly (I blame my pottery self for being so attached to properly fitting lids).  I broke the rules a little and went to Archivers to purchase three more pieces of the double-sided (striped/brown back) paper that I used in the first project.  I then made a very nice lid with a pull handle on it, and then a shorter paper box (not woven at all) to use up the rest of the scraps.  I still had some leftovers of paper and file folder pieces, but they were small triangles mostly leftover from cutting circles out on the Cricut.  So the real "Waste Not" accomplishment for the day was the start of a collection of embellishment flowers for future use.  My eight year old daughter, Sylvia helped by putting brads through the center of stacked flowers cut out on the Cricut.  I LOVE MY CRICUT!  I used two little flowers right away on the smaller paper box.  YEAH!  The rest I will just keep and use for future projects.  Not long ago, I spent nearly $5 on a package of cute little paper flowers at Archivers.....no more.  Now I will make them at the end of every project so that I have an assortment of sizes, shapes, and colors at my crafty little "Waste Not" fingertips!  It was a great day!


  1. 1. Love it!
    2. Sooooo jealous you have a cricut
    3. You need to teach me how to make the paper flowers
    4. Taking a ceramics class at CCAC
    5. You need to move here
    6. Move. here. NOW
    7. Miss you guys
    8. Seriously, move. Pittsburgh. you. now

  2. So cute! And don't move to Pittsburgh. We will miss you!


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