Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 8: Only Scraps....and Diamond Glaze

Today, I worked on the notepad covers for the 5x7 lined pads, and I only used scraps....some scraps were the negative of flowers I cut-out yesterday for the bowl, but most were scrap negatives from my kids going nuts with the paper flowers.....either way, only scraps were used.
On this one, I used diamond glaze all over the outside to add some strength to the top layer of paper since in many places, there was very little connecting the paper to itself with all of the flowers cut out.  I wasn't terribly happy with the product, but I liked it better after adding some detailing with a Sharpie.....

This one is just scraps from the basket and paper box projects with a few corners saved to make paper flower cut-outs.  These are both cute and made entirely of scraps I would have thrown away before this project started.  I am now completely out of scraps.....and I am not counting the endless stream of crafting scraps made by my children since they are grounded from TV, video games, and Harry Potter books on CD.  Grounded children make a lot of paper scraps!  Tomorrow, I promise, no paper crafts!

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