Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 5: Stationary with Holder

Please see the comment that I posted below.  I gave all of the details for these photos even though the blogspot was not functioning just a few days into the project, and I couldn't get my post up on time=(

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  1. Sorry, folks! I don't know what is up, but the block for entering text and pics has the spinning wheel of death in it......and I can't type or anything. So, I will edit this tomorrow, and you will get today's project as well as tomorrow's project. Today, I made A2 cards with my newish Martha Stewart Scoring Board, made envelopes for them, decorated the front of otherwise blank cards with Cricut cut outs....and then used more of the leftovers to make a stationary holder to put the whole bunch in.....I like it! There is even a little magnet strap inside to hold the note cards in place, and you could add a 4x6 notepad to it later when you ran out of the stationary. No waste! Totally fun! Tomorrow, I am working on more variations to the file folder notepad cover (sorry, yes, still) but I am working on a 5x7 pad which should have less cut-off from the file folder to start with, but still offers the wrap around and the pockets. I suspect that I will need to do some extra stamping to still get two larger ones made with the same two double sided 12x12 paper that I use for a couple of small notebook covers.....but stamping is nice, and require very little in the way of can fill any space and look like it was put there with intention. Tired tonight, so no more waiting for the blog thingy to work. Goodnight, all!


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