Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 27: iPad Bag....STILL

I have no claim to fame today....all I added as a button, button hole and bag strap.  This pic is on top of the blanket I intend to use for pockets and liner.  I bought the blanket at IKEA several years ago, and they still sell them now in a variety of colors.  This one has holes in it from being tucked under too far so that it snags on the springs supporting my son's daybed.  LOTS OF HOLES.  I have been sketching little bags that are likely to be all in red since that is what I have in plenty.  I also got my box of soaping supplies a few days ago, and I am anxious to make my first soap batch (so that I can wait for an entire month to see if it is actually something I like to use).

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