Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 1: I shall waste NOT the very first day of the new year!

For Christmas, I got a gift card to Barnes and Noble, and I ended up picking up a journal book with creativity suggestions for attacking a 365-day project. After several days of thought on the subject, I have decided that my project will be entitled "Waste Not" and be dedicated to creatively handling the things that I would otherwise waste. For example, over Christmas break with my kids home and Mom in town, I have been making file folder notebook covers inspired by an online crafter at With a few pieces of scrapbook paper, I can make the cutest little gifts for people, but I would routinely discard the unused paper from each project....or if I was feeling particularly wasteful, I might go so far as to sort the scraps into like colors and store them to be used "later" and then never touched again. At about 60 cents per 12by12 inch paper, I was probably using 60% of two coordinated sheets of paper. So on day one of my project, I set out to make a series of journals until I didn't have any scraps left over and only whole sheets of paper remaining for the next project. I had two pages of large monkey paper and a stack of coordinating papers in a 6inch squares. Three completed notebook covers later, I was completely out of scraps. I will post the pics tomorrow, but here is the start of my blog! Way to go, New Year!

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  1. You rock, lady! You should really think about entering Nothing New at the Textile Center. Art from recycled materials. No waste!


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