Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 13: Towel Rod Labels, Monogrammed Cups, Flower Push Pin

My "Motivated Moms 2011" app had me clean out one kitchen drawer yesterday, and I chose the silverware drawer since it is the one that bugs me most.  When I cleaned it out, I found MOUSE POOP!  So I then cleaned out EVERY drawer in my kitchen, which totally needed to be done, but I felt spent after the project that was supposed to be small.  Today, I saw on my list that I should clean the bottom shelf of my refrigerator, and I took that to mean that I had to finally clean out whatever spilled and fossilized underneath the crisping drawers.....So I emptied both drawers, pulled them apart, washed all of it, and pulled out the bottom shelf, washed that, and washed the bottom of the refrigerator and the walls up to the second shelf......that was also a bigger project than expected.  I guess that is why the app is called "Motivated Moms" instead of the app I must have been living life by which would be entitled something like "I'll get to it if I am not too tired" or "NOT Beaver Cleaver's Mom."  With physical therapy this morning also, today became a crafting day of very small and random projects.  Above are monogrammed cups for my kids to keep their retainers and toothbrushes in so they don't sit all over the counter (when I am wiping it EVERY DAY in accordance with my MM2011 list).  In the past, there has been one cup, blue plastic, probably full of BHP or whatever chemical leached by old-school plastic, and both kids and the occasional adult (sick or not) all shared.  It is gross only if you actually thing about what you drink out of after brushing your teeth.  Scraps of paper, the Cricut, diamond glaze, and about 2 minutes solved this issue.  Now each kid has a cup clearly labeled.  Whew!  Now orderly life may continue=)

 Another issue in our household is the picking up of towels after bath time.  Following back surgery in April, and a prolonged wait for back surgery starting as far back as January 2010, hubby installed a towel wrack that the kids could reach and thus, they may also be in charge of hanging their own towels......reasonable expectations for school age children...I don't know what ever possessed me to pick towels up off the floor at all.  So the issue has become, which towel belongs to which child, and which child did not properly hang up the again, scrap paper, the Cricut, and a "3M Self-Sealing Laminated Tag."  VOILA, problem solved.

 My last very tiny project was working with some new products advertised by Archivers to use punches and some stylus tools (made by a company named McGill) to make a variety of 3D handmade paper flowers.  Hubby Robert built a desk for daughter Sylvia and it has a cork board on it for her to post all of her stuff up.  I just remembered to buy push pins for her a couple of days ago, but could only find boring clear ones.  These make them fancy and cute, just like my little Sylvia!


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