Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 32: Trimmed cups.....hmmmm....pottery=)

These aren't very exciting, but they are the first items thrown in months (actually thrown a week ago at class, the first class I had attended in months too) and I trimmed them today.  There was a 4th one, but it dried to quickly at the art house, and I just couldn't trim it at all.  These ones got a trimming but no handles....to dry for handles.  No matter.  On to bisque firing they go!

I also picked up a textured slab that I made at home months ago.  Now it is finally through bisque and I can use it for texture on new work.  Maybe tomorrow, I will take a picture of my texture stash for clay.  It really is quite lovely.

Also tomorrow, I must think about what I really want to be working with in clay right now.  I can only throw about 3 lbs at the moment, but there is no end to what can be done with 3 lbs on the wheel!  So rather than thinking about just making what I can make, I need to think about a direction and go that way for a while.  I did throw one baking dish body tonight, and I squared it off and attached it to a slab bottom made from my newest textured slab.  I also draped a lid (also textured on my new slab) and wrapped it all up tight so that it won't be too dry when I return to it next week.  It was fun, and I love baking dish forms...covered and uncovered.....bottomless......altered.....textured, yes almost always textured.  So I will sketch baking dish forms and ideas tomorrow while recovering from a very busy Tuesday.  I love life!

Here is a pic of my new textured slab.....gives new meaning to sitting at home on my butt!

Textured slab made from an old pair of my jeans.


  1. truth- I don't make big pots- most of my pots are under 3#'s I quit making excuses and started enjoying what I do.
    Who cares how big-make the most of what you can do and let the other stuff go.

  2. I think my biggest strength in the past has been my work with larger platters, so although I don't throw big just for the sake of doing so, I like having a large "canvas" to work with. I vow to follow your advice though! Size doesn't matter at all! I have seen people cradle the little covered jar with more love than they cradle the nicest of my platters. It is kind of funny, really!


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