Thursday, February 10, 2011

Directions for Folding Boxes

 This will be the lid.  To make the base, follow the same directions, but trim 1/8 to 1/4 inch off of two perpendicular sides so that the entire piece is smaller but still square.  The amount trimmed depends a little depending on how thick the paper and how tight the desired fit of the lid.

Step 1: Mark the center of the paper.  This could be folded, but the top of the box would have a crease in it, so I prefer to mark it.  Ultimately, the mark will not show as it will be covered by folds.
 Step 2: Fold each corner into the center making strong creases with a bone folder.
 Step 3:  Unfold opposite corners, and fold up the sides (with corners still folded) to meet the line marking the center.  The paper will look like this when one fold is complete.
 The paper will look like this when the second fold is complete.  Unfold these to sides completely and repeat this step with the remaining unfolded opposing corners.
 Optional:  To make the lid shorter than the so that the papers of both lid and base show, you may need to make an additional fold all the way around here.  Until you are ready for variations, ignore this picture.
 Step 4: Unfold entirely, and cut from the edge of the paper to the center most fold on two corner tabs only.  These will be your fold-over thinner tabs.  Upon completion of cutting, you should have two thin tabs and two thick tabs.

FYI:  The bottom tab in this photo (with the scissors on it) has extra folds from the optional step above.  Don't let the additional folded lines confuse you.
 Step 5:  Fold the corners of the thick tabs back to center and the flat fold will become the sides of the box.  The sides of the thick tab will wrap around to the thin tab lines.  Do this with both thick tabs.
 Step 6:  Fold over the foundation tabs with the thin tabs and tape it in the center.  Smoothing all of the lines again with the bone folder lends to a crisp box.
 This picture is before tape on the inside.
This is the top of the box from the outside.  Again, the extra crease in the side facing the front is from that optional variation.  If the folding on the variation is followed, the box lid will be shorter as seen on that crease.  After Mom showed me this, I made tons of them!  They are fun!  Here you go, Meredith!

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  1. thanks! I will either find the link or mail you a template for the box i am making-If you can email me your address.


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