Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 46: Pencil/Pen/Crochet/Knitt Needle Holder Thingy

I made a holder for my pen/pencil/craft hooks to stick in my purse so that I won't have a spare pencil point or un-capped pen running around free in my purse of choice.  I used the same file folder construction with magnet closure as I have used for past journal covers.  I cut out my initials in contrasting color with my beloved Cricut, and I love the end product.  My favorite part of crafts is when you own an idea that you borrowed from another crafter/artist, but you have done it so much that the variations come about quite naturally.  Before long, the line of thoughts dumps you out so far from the beginning that it feels like a completely new product.  This isn't a departure very far from the notebook covers. but I didn't have to think very hard about the construction and the first one made was a product I was happy with.

In this one, I just wanted to carry a nice pen that I liked to use for writing (letters, journals, archival quality stuff), a standard pencil that I tend to use in my sketch books for jotting down ideas, and then my two go-two yarn/fiber crafting needles (I WILL LEARN HOW TO USED THAT STINKING ROUNDED KNITTING THING IF IT KILLS ME, and my old friend mile-a-minute crochet hook).  This way, I just grab a skein of yarn and I can entertain myself anywhere until the last inch of yarn runs out.....a definite "must have" for the hard-to-sit-still personality type of mine.  Two more crafting days until the deadline......TWO MORE!

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