Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 53: Soap Reveal and Wool Pouches Continued

Here is a recent photo of my Robert and me at a gathering for a friend's birthday.  Sometimes happiness just surprises me.  We look so happy here (not that we aren't usually....I just am not LOOKING at us since we are us if that makes any sense at all)!  It made me smile, so I just had to share!

 Here is the day's produce in the line of wool pouch creations.  I knitted (poorly, but knitted all the same) the little section that then became a part of the closure decoration.  I think I am addicted to the ease of snaps....if only they were more interesting!  Maybe I need to work on embellishing my snaps!

Here is a relatively fresh batch of soap that I used my "N" lyno stamp to decorate the surface.  I think this batch was made with lemon grass essential oils and egg shells finely ground for exfoliation.  I took a veggie peeler to all of the edges today just to give a more refined look, and I think the finished look is worth the three seconds it took me to do the entire batch.  This one should be shower ready by mid-March.

Tomorrow it looks like we will all be home again with fevers etc.  Felix might escape but I will make the final ruling tonight when I take his un-medicated temp before bedtime.  Sylvia is home for sure.....


  1. What a sweet picture! i love the way you are wrapped around him and you are both smiling.
    Very nice.
    Great color on the pouch and I can't wait til you use your soap.

  2. Love this picture and you both!!! Makes me sooooo happy to look at you.......keep posting!

  3. I think it's true love! Seeing you both smile makes me smile, too!

  4. Jerri, cute photo and great projects! I'm busy reviewing your profiletus.
    That is that....you are so prolific!


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