Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 59: Not Granny's Hangers

 Here is the finished pouch from my first knit test swatch.  It is difficult to get snaps to fit securely in a loosely knit texture.  Lesson learned.
 This was a metal belt I bought more than 10 years ago in Brazil and I can no longer buckle it (not that I ever actually wore it to begin with, I just really liked the idea of being able to wear it), so I took all of the links apart and now I have several stunning options which are all better than a belt I never wear.

 I used one for a nice button at the top of my finished shrug and I far prefer it to the pink pin I used in yesterday's blog picture.

I linked this idea to a craft link party at:

As for the "Not Granny's Hangers" bit....I don't know about you folks, but my granny (from Oklahoma) had yarn covered things ALL OVER her house!  Tissue boxes, spare toilet paper rolls, coasters, hangers, you name it and it had yarn on it and often sported a little yarn pom-pom as well.  I always thought it was a little quirky and unique to my granny (and her mom as well, great grandma White) and I just saw it as part of their warm and fuzzy charm!  Little did I know that yarn covered hangers actually keep clothes from slipping off of the hangers (HELLO!!!!!).  So I decided to pay homage to grannies everywhere that know that everything is just better with a yarn covering!  Here is my hanger to match the shrugs I just made.  I made each with leftover yarn from the projects, and I put the tags from the yarn itself on the hangers so I know how much yarn I used, how much money went into it, care instructions, brand/dye lot/needles used/pattern used in case I want to know later beyond what my memory will allow.  I also figured it would be nice that the yarn matched the sweater so that all info would be sure to stay coordinated with the garment.  I wouldn't want to do something silly like wash a cool shrug improperly and render it a doll garment just because I forgot the original care instructions.  Plus, in many cases, the tags used for yarns are as unique and interesting as the yarns themselves.  If I were to then sell my wears, I would know what the raw product investment was....helpful info I think!  I would also have all the info I need if my BFF comes over and says that she is just crazy to have one just like mine, only purple....I would surely have the info to give her so she can MAKE HER OWN =)

The kids were both healthy enough to go to school today, so I set out to run errands today since I felt like I have been on lock down for several days in a row.  I dropped the kids off at school, went to the bank, I dropped off stuff at Goodwill for donation, I went inside to see if anything there inspired me to craft with it, and then I grabbed coffee.  By 10:00 I was completely wiped, and ready/willing to go home.  I watched a movie (very very sad, but good, Hillary Swank is my idol), crafted in bed, and napped for a very very long time.  It was nice.


  1. those are great and matching hangers! Decadent!

  2. Lovely! I still have some crocheted hangers I did years ago, but I'm inspired to make some more!

  3. Love the whole post!
    The hangers are to die for. I've been thinking what to do with mine.. oh, if only I had more time... :)

  4. I hear that! I would LOVE LOVE more time in the day, although, I think we all have a knack for filling our lives with things/activities/people that don't fulfill our lives too! I have been better about that lately! I try really hard to make room for the good and get rid of the bad vibes!


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