Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 43: Not as I imagined it, but getting it "not quite right" is one step closer to being "spot on!"

 Okay, I won't explain the idea just yet as I want to get a product that I am happy with....this is where I ended with tonight after about 4 hours of work on it today.  I copied these pictures onto fabric paper, then ironed that onto fusible webbing, then ironed that onto black fabric folded as if it were a booklet, and the STICHED with my irritable sewing machine......I will likely still work with this one more tomorrow to see if I can work out a few more kinks before I actually get a product I like.  This one is really "loose" and I am a lot more refined than this.  Threads everywhere although nothing is really in danger of unraveling.  I do like the pictures though.  Maybe I can learn to like it with more work and layering, but tonight I am disgusted with the end product of so much time today.  I have a deadline five days from now, and I got absolutely NO CLOSER today.  Tomorrow must be a more successful day, although I did read somewhere that Einstein claims to have failed 999 times for every one success.  I dare say that my batting average is higher even if the genius isn't quite as intense =)

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