Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 39: Lynoleum Stamp, Ribbon Flower on Plastic

 I carved a new stamp today for my coffee soaps, and in the end, I found that the bolder lines made the stamp work.  As I was working to pound the image into the soaps, I found that the actual cup image wasn't strong enough.  I continued to cut into the cup outline until I got the stamp bold enough.  I love lyno stamps!  I might use this to stamp on some fabric coasters or something as well.....or maybe even clay trays for little coffee cups?

These are the last four soaps using the bolder cup outline...better, no?

I also am working more on my plastic purse idea, and decided to try some ribbon embellishment on a scrap of plastic I had left from previous projects.  I think it turned out quite cute....very free and springy and vibrant.  I tied the ends together, glued them so they wouldn't fray, and then tucked them under the knot never to be seen again.  I think it works.

I returned home today, and I was sooooo cold as it was a below zero day here in sunny Minnesota (the sun means that it is too cold for stupid clouds and there is absolutely NO moisture in the air at all).  I promptly got under the electric blanket in my bed, and remained there shivering until my husband got home.  At which point I was harassed (mildly) for not noticing that it was 50ish degrees inside the house.  Our heating element in our furnace broke, and it will be a few hours before a replacement one comes via my uncle who is in the heating/AC business (seriously, thank GOD for family....thanks, Bill, you are a life saver).  Hubby built a fire, space heater from the garage went into our bedroom, the heated blanket went on Sylvia's bed where both kids will be sleeping soonish.  AND, I am now done blogging in the STILL 50somethingdegree basement.  Peace out!  And pray for all those who are homeless this evening!

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