Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 44: Beaded Heart Bobby-Pins, and one step further toward liking the product

 Sylvia decided TODAY that she needed to make something to wear special for Valentine's Day at school tomorrow.  I left for a thing at a girlfriend's house from 1-4 ish, and suggested strongly that she finish her homework while I was gone so that we would have time when I got home to make something.  When I returned later than originally planned, she confessed that she hadn't finished her homework as she was "distracted"....and we then spent the next nearly two hours getting it done....with additional mother/daughter drama to be sure.  After dinner, we then made these little beauties for her hair.  Crisis avoided for one more holiday!

Here is stab number 2 at making the project from yesterday work more aesthetically.
 I used fabric paint (red, white, silver, and black) to cover up the stitching on the back sides of each fabric page, and to detail and frame each photo page.  I like it.  It just adds another layer, and it helps the over-all effect of these random glimpses into different parts of my family life.  I have these silver ribbons tied in different spots around the frame of each page which ultimately will function as page tabs of sorts.  Stay tuned for how that finally works out.

This picture shows that the ribbons are actually attaching a clear plastic pocket (all from scraps too) on the back side of each photo page.  I plan to use it as a card know, to keep all of those random cards that we all have in our purses (or wallets)....I have gift cards to restaurants and coffee shops from former students.  I have frequent shopper cards for discounts at my favorite shots (Quilt Cove in Eagan, Bead Monkey, and the like) and also business cards of cool random artists that I collect over time.  I will probably also end up with a medical tab too for appointment cards and phone number cards for the variety of doctors I also frequent.  I will make efforts to label each divider with something that makes sense, and then just enjoy my little picture pouch in my purse.  I have several more pages that need added ribbon and plastic pockets, so this project is still evolving.  I am really missing my fiber friend Kristin as she is still in Africa doing good in the world....while I sit here without another artist's eye to help me evaluate.  So, internet friends....I need your honest feedback on these projects.  Give it to me straight, but don't make me cry on Valentine's Day ; )


  1. I was distracted by the gorgeous model - love the hair things and photo book...I'm not a very discerning vote though because I basically love everything you touch Jer. and I love you - Happy Valentines day.

  2. It is true about my lovely Sylvia! I think she is gorgeous too! Thanks for your support, Angela! I can always count on my girls! Happy Valentines Day to you too!


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