Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 34: Cutting Soap, Stamping, and Freaking OUT, and making a new batch of soap!

I pressed chives from my garden into clay to make a stamp.
I went to physical therapy today, which was okay, so I thought, and then I went to bed for a little while because I was just so tired....and four hours later, I woke up, but only because the phone rang.  I guess I am a little tired.  I actually suspect I could go to bed for the night right now and be happy and asleep in no time.

I cut my first batch of soap today.  I was really surprised by how soft it was!  I know that the book said it would be soft enough to take a stamp, but really, it was like clay right out of a bag, cut open and set out for ten minutes.  I was pumped to try stamping with my collection of lyno-carved stamps and bisque clay images.  In the end, both worked, but the release from the soap was super easy on the lyno.  I could also bang away on the lyno with a mallet to make a strong indentation without fear of damaging the stamp itself.  Many of my bisque stamps are so loved that I am really very careful with them.

I was SOOOOO pumped with the results that I completely freaked out and started making a new batch right away.  I don't mean to brag, but aren't these AMAZING!  I have no idea if they are at all nice to use, but I won't know that for the rest of February, so for now....they are each the PERFECT soap with a nice, artist created image on each.

Batch No. 2:  I used coffee for the water in the lye solution.  I also added the used coffee grounds after mixing the soap to trace....I hope it will make a nice exfoliant.  I may have to carve a little coffee cup image into a lyno block so that it is ready for cutting the batch in a few days!  The fun never stops here at the Neddermeyer household.  Whew!  I think I need a nap after a mere two hours vertical!  Kids are calling....bedtime will have to wait!


  1. proud of you and your imagination again......

  2. Hey, thanks, Mae! Sent you a little package today. You will like it!

  3. Jerri- Can you add this to the list of things I want? xoxo! BTW you totally need to start selling stuff on etsy.

  4. I have been thinking about etsy....I will send you soap as soon as I am sure it won't burn your skin off! =)

  5. beautiful! I don't use handmade soap myself, but what lovely gifts for guests!


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