Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 54: Fabric Wrapped Frames, Wool Pouches

Day 54 is getting close to my 2,000 hits mark!  I hope that I can keep up the pace even in the short month of February! I posted these fabric frames on a link party here

Bubbly Nature

I saw this project (or something similar) in a magazine for scrap crafts, and I modified it so that I could use it with the glass in it.  The version in the magazine had the glass glued to the back of the whole thing and then covered permanently with some sort of chipboard also glued down with a picture inside.  It sort of ruined the point for me as I like to have my frames with updated photos with the exception of some "classic" shots that never go out of date.  If I have glued it shut, I can't continue to use it or even re-gift it if my fabric tastes change over time.  To remedy this issue, I used glue on the back of the frame but wrapped the fabric with some slack in it so that I could squeeze in the glass (careful!!!!  I broke my first try in my lap and counted all of my fingers afterward).  I also found better success with the deeper frames.  In the photo below, you might be able to see what I mean.  The top black frame is not deep and won't work easily while the bottom one is deep.  It even had a spacer made of wood that I could shove down first before putting the glass in.  There is still some room for photo and then a modified chipboard (cut to size so that it will fit in tightly, but not glued down).  I searched through my abandoned frames to find three that were all deep (I like to work in groups of three of is an artistic thing....for the garden too....why though, I really don't know).  I then used scraps from some pillows I made a while back for our couch in the living room.  I can then hang this grouping together and it will relate to the other stuff in my room.  Pretty good project for the day.  I used up lots of fabric scraps, some fiber scraps, some abandoned frames, and I only broke one piece of glass on myself!
Two frames of differing depths
Photo shows the wooden insert for this deeper frame

 Here is today's pouch with some pictures of the details on it.  The ribbon really is the best part of it....and THE BUTTON is cool!  Otherwise, it is just same ol' business.


  1. Did I ever tell you the story of my friend who grabbed the open rotary the sharp end...while cutting quilt 2:00 am? That one did not get professionally stitched at the ER and it shows! Be careful!

  2. Oh man I love those frames!

    Gotta try this one. I may have questions hope you don't mind me bugging you.

    Cindi @ Rustique Art

  3. This is great, i love the idea of fabric wrapped frames! I've never seen it before. What a cute idea! :) Yours look lovely btw.


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