Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 52: Red Fiber Flowers

I got "snappy" today, and I love the color contrast between the green wool and the red vibers.  I am so ready for SPRING (says the woman living in Minnesota underneath 15+ inches of fresh snow)!  I found myself looking through the iPad today to find garden pictures, but cyber gardening doesn't really cut it.  I know it is almost March, but really folks, I have had it with this weather!  Both kids were home today for Pres' Day, and about 4:00 this afternoon, I realized that my extra snuggly kids both had 100+ fevers, so they will be home tomorrow for sure too.  Bah.

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  1. Hey Jerri,

    Are you selling the cute little pouches anywhere? I would be interested in buying :)

    Cindi @ Rustique Art


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