Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 58: SHRUG, and just my size!

I finished off my shrug today.  There are a few errors in it for sure, and I am not committed to the closure at all.  I actually might prefer to have a ribbon running through the bottom area and do a wrap around tie thing.....we shall see.  That is why I like pins over buttons.  If I want to wear it closed at the neck (like the picture yesterday of my daughter) I just move the pin to the top.  Things I don't like about this shrug that I will change next time around.....I added length on the sleeves from the original pattern which I do like, but I hadn't intended on that bubbly edge on the sleeves.  I had intended to alternate knit and pearl rows, but forgot and did strait knit on the inside after the rest of the shrug is mostly visible on the knit side out.  I would also decrease some stitches on the arm band so that it fits more snugly.  All in all, I still like it.

Behind is pictured groupings of frames (not made today) that I like to do.  I covered two mats with brown fabric and I stamped with brown ink on two more mats to bring these into a grouping.  I like to use same colors in groupings and then bind multiple frames together.  It saves on each and every frame wiggling around and not being straight.

I linked these frame groupings to a gallery wall idea party at Inspired Room. Check it out!
This other picture is of the larger grouping I made for my stairs.  I took several floating frames, all black, and used a stamp with ink designed for glass and non-porous surfaces to bring together several family photos.  The central picture is one taken at our wedding with the most of both sides of the families in one place at one time.  I used the Cricut to cut out the four family names on adhesive plastic, and added that to the floating frame.  After all of that decoration, I bound the frames together in a grouping with brackets (bought at home depot).  The only downside to this set-up is that it is impossible to hang alone, but once it is hung, it is done!  I can update pictures for sure, but again, a two person job.  Thought I would share these pictures to relate to the fabric photo frame grouping I blogged a couple of days back.  This is much the same thing.

Also, thanks to all who are reading and commenting and encouraging me in my creative voice.  I think we can isolate ourselves in our own worlds so easily, and it is nice to know that I am writing and reading and thinking and creating for more than just myself.....not that creation for myself isn't enough....if you are reading, I am sure you know what I mean.  I also hit my 2,000 hit marker last night, so I am pumped to be keeping pace with my own personal goal of 1,000 hits per month.

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