Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 57: Shrug, who shrunk my shrug? Shrug....nobody knows....sad.

Okay, now two days ago I was blogging about running out of yarn mid-shrug, and the chaos that ensued to be sure that I procured enough yarn to finish my project.  Now, before I am praised for my BEAUTIFULLY KNITTED CHILD'S SWEATER, remember that this was an ADULT SIZED (extra adult at that) garment to the T on the pattern.  Well, maybe not "to the T" in retrospect as I paid absolutely NO attention to the size needles , guage or weight or however yarn is actually measured, nor did I make sure that 8 stitches was equal to 4 inches.  This is what my baking friends would call a fallen cheese cake from not adhering to every ounce of the ingredient list...*side note, Sylvia and I went to make cookies today spontaneously and found that we have NO sugar and not enough flour.  My friend "How-Bout-Them-Bars-Amanda" would be absolutely SHOCKED, but then again, she neither believes in facebook nor frequents my blog, so she really isn't likely to know unless I confess it as I am likely to do anyway....hmmmm....  end side note, sorry*....I have remedied my short comings for a second shrug for which I have PLENTY of yarn!  I am assured to be more than mid-shrug by the end of the netflix movie with hubby tonight.  Now all of those reality confessions aside, doesn't Sylvia look proud of her new sweater!  She picked out the pin from my stash made of glass tiles, paper, and diamond glaze herself.  She is a pink girl, despite my best efforts!

Just so you don't think that I only make things for my Sylvia, here is a "Private" space curtain I made to hang under my son's loft bed.  It is the logo of my hubby's favorite soccer team (Brazilian, yes) on the colors of the Brazilian yellow and green national flag.  I can't really claim much credit as I only sewed the curtain sleeve on the top of the banner sent by my Mother-in-Law.  Felix is pretty pumped about it and happily posed for a photo tonight to show it off.  I used the cable system curtain hangers that I got at IKEA.  I first used this system to deal with making curtains that go inside my bay window so that I wouldn't lose the entire seating area when the curtains were closed and the insulation part of the curtains would be as close to our freezing cold Minnesota winter windows as possible.

I linked up to some blog parties for the first time this week, and I am shocked at how much it has changed my readership stats!  Thanks to Miranda at and Rachel at for hosting link parties!  I really need to learn how to do that!  Wouldn't it be cool to have a creativity themed project that all of us artists/crafters/bloggers can make a project together and share the differing end products?   Chappy, if you are reading my blog, I will be calling you as I suspect you could teach me a lot about this sort of thing!

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