Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 40: Crochet....using up the stash

 I found a nice stash of some hand dyed/spun wool from forever ago and I bought a skein of frilly stuff to some added texture.  I used both until the very end getting a lapel thingy that I am considering as a permanent addition to an old leather coat and a little zipper bag for my clear plastic purse idea.  I felted the little zipper bag so that nothing would slip out between the crochet stitches.  I gave the inside a hair cut so that the frill stuff wouldn't hinder sorting whatever I end up stuffing into the little bag.  I have spent most of today underneath a migraine, so crochet and nap are about all I accomplished today.  Bleh.  Spine appointment tomorrow as well as therapy.  I foresee a crappy craft day tomorrow......more bleh.

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