Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 42: Paper Bead Stretchy Bracelets, Bag for Magic Beans

 Okay, I admit that the top picture is odd.  Sylvia took it when I was mid-bag.  Now that I am downloading pictures for the blog, I realize the angle, and frankly it looks as though I am preparing to give birth.  I spread the yarn out around my knees to keep it from getting knotted, and I am in bed a fair amount of the day resting my back, and honestly, to get anything made at all feels a little like pushing through birth pains as well.....less messy, but painful none the less.  This is my second little baggie in a series using textiles that I love.  My son, Felix, says it looks like it would hold MAGIC BEANS when I had just intended it to hang on to my loose change.  I attached a little "label" with three German coins from being abroad in a summer music program just after high school.  I shined them up in my tumbler first, and now they jangle on my magic bean bag.....quite a place of honor I think!
 I finally strung some of my expanding paper bead collection onto strands of stretchy string.  They amuse me to no end with their textures and colors and simplicity.  I think I will make tons and tons.  Everyone on my future gift lists will likely get soap, paper bead bracelets, and journals.....I feel sorry for the manly types on my gift list.  I simply must develop a more masculine hobby at some point.  Maybe turning wood bowls?  Maybe in my 40s.  Today was a pretty productive day, despite how useless I felt.  Maybe I will birth more bags tomorrow.....only time will tell.


  1. purdy! When I made paper beads they turned out interesting. One day when I have extra time I'm going to attempt to do lots of really thin rectangular style beads. THen I'm going to glue them to an ikea cheapy wooden frame. If it turns out it's going into my gift rotation.

  2. Love it. Paper beads are interesting for sure...I was thinking about filling the bottom of a tall, thin, clear glass with paper beads, then cover them with that clear gel wax and making a candle....but perhaps I could just get away with wadding up small bits of cool paper scraps and not go through the extra work of the paper bead making. Even if I did make the paper beads, they wouldn't need to be sealed for sure.

  3. I want to pay you to make some bracelets like these for my daughter - she would LOVE LOVE LOVE them! Heck, I love them!
    I love the coin janglies - I still have the flowers you picked for me at Covent Garden!


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