Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day...What day is it? I added a poofy thing and a flower to my box. whoopie.

Day 36: I bought special punches/tools a few weeks back to make paper flowers.  I discovered today that I could make roses that I am just as happy with using cut out hearts of different sizes.  I used "Walk in my Garden" Cricut Cartridge, and made the leaves there too.  I will now re-gift my punches to cousin Julie who loves these paper flowers!  I sent the tool kit and mat with a package to Pittsburgh earlier this week, but now I will send you the official punches too!  I think I am keeping the punches I use for making lilies for now though.  I also changed out the white bottom of my box to the much classier black card stock and then added a bow and the flower with the help of GLUE!  Very high tech!  I think it is cute.  I could make some little candies and put in it for Valentine's Day....I know how to fold dividers too.  I will try to remember to add that tomorrow to the inside.

After a  trip to IKEA today, my hubby assembled a loft bed with his little helpers this afternoon.  Fun, fun for everyone!  Felix has had that bear pillow thing since his first Christmas when he was 1 month old (a gift from his godmother Juju), and some of my favorite pictures of him as a baby are snuggled up with this thing.  Now he sleeps with it on top of him.  Where does the time go?  Every day that passes I sound more and more like the older generation that I used to giggle at every time they said "I have know you since you were knee high to a grasshopper."  I catch myself constantly looking at my own kids like I just blinked and now they are HUGE!

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