Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 60: Little Girl Games with Big Girl Supplies

I have been thinking lately about child crafting that with high quality supplies are quite charming and appealing.  For example, I have seen beautiful origami crane earrings folded out of precious metal clay "paper" and then fired.  This "friendship bracelet" is great for any adult playing fancy dress-up when using beautiful fibers and colors.  Can you bloggers/readers/followers think of any more?  Post comments for brainstorm on this one!  I am sure you all have great ideas out there!
make it wear it
Okay, my mom turned me on to this idea (she did a class using these Japanese foam card things to make patterned weaves) and I then found a foam thingy in my daugher's friendship bracelet making kit.  Isn't this a great texture and variations are of course infinite.  I started this one AFTER the kids got in bed, and here I am blogging about it less than two hours later.  I spent my day resting, napping, and knitting, and then went "BAH, BLOG" and started a finish-able craft for this entry.  I used a link from the metal belt I broke apart.  I haven't figured out the closure yet for a necklace, but I will get there.  Probably sterling caps?  I like the highly finished look over the shappy-chic ribbon ended thing.  However, I just used some of the fiber that I have been adding to my pouches, and I am THRILLED with the end product!  I suspect, I will end up calling up my good friend Amy (I actually have TWO good friends both named Amy who both sell Silpada jewelery) and find a larger, heavy sterling pendant that I can use with a variety of these woven necklaces.  My mom is bringing up supplies on her spring break as well as she has made these covered with beads!  Oooh, ahhh!
Pretty pretty


  1. What about Friendship beaded saftey pins? Weaved pot holders? Clay ashtrays...oh wait, probably not now, my parents never smoked, but I seemed to make ashtrays. Coil pots for pencil holders, Beaded keychains, clay animals, oh, that is all I can think of now.

  2. NICE, Dana! You rock on the old-school kids' crafts! You must still be a kid at heart?!?!?!


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