Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 68: Kumihimo Braid

Disk with orientation to get the beaded helix design
 I completed another variation using the Kumihimo disk.  I used doubled up black ribbon with pearlized seed beads (size 6) and I also used extra strands (4 beaded + 12 ribbon = 16 total) to make a heavy cord (like the rust colored yarn one from yesterday).  I took a picture of the orientation on the disk so I could remember how to get the continuous beaded helix running around the black cord.  I have to work out the finishing for this one also as it is quite thick.....I really like it though!  Chunky is IN!

Necklaces average 16 in. for the braid, longer with finishing
completed variation: black ribbon and pearl seed beads


  1. Love this cord! AND This seems like something we could teach the kids at St. Michael's Orphanage in Kampala to do - for fun and for profit! Anything for tuition and school fees!

  2. I agree Kristin.....and couldn't it be really cute with their chunky paper beads on it too?

    Thanks....this seems right up the "little treasures" alley! I fretted over ruining it with a poorly thought through closure, but now I am chill with it tightly clamped around my neck=)


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