Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 89: TURTLE! and Knit Block Basket Weave Pattern

I finished another 10"x10" block this morning and used a basket weave pattern of knitting and pearling....easy cheese!  Then I just couldn't resist, and I had to try my hand at the turtle before class.  I tried without looking at the construction directions....just tried to figure it out.  Not too far off, but my proportions are a little wonkey.  I will save it to compare to the one that I make in the Nicky Epstein class.  Otherwise, it is too cute!  I mixed it with some other yarn I had to embellish as I ran out of the blue just as I finished the block.  My turtle's shell needed an edging and I ended up defining the hatching on top too!  I love it!


I have a doctor appointment this afternoon, so I wanted to be sure to blog early as I didn't think I would feel up to it later.  Keep me in your thoughts/prayers/crafts!

TURTLE!  YEAH!  And 3,000 hits pushed over today too!  The turtle is so excited!
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