Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 83: Does anyone remember how to FINGER WEAVE?

 This goes along with that post about child crafts with adult materials.  This is simple finger weaving with cool fiber yarn/ribbon/stuff.  Simply wrap the yarn over, under, over, under....over however many fingers you wish to use until you have two loops on each finger.  Pull the bottom loop over the top loop and off of the finger leaving one loop on each finger.  Weave another row, and pull bottom loops over top.  With a little practice and attention to tension, the result is pretty even and lovely.  I would probably use these for embellishments on something else...who knows what.  Maybe to make more Celtic knots, headbands, wrist decor, belts, etc....  I took it with me out to dinner tonight as it came to the end of the day, and I still hadn't crafted.  I did go to therapy, to piano lessons, to the MALL OF AMERICA, and back home, but not much other than a few rows on my knitting.  So, the traveling bag of yarn came to dinner, and I taught Sylvia to finger weave too (Felix was really entertained by coloring his kids' menu tonight).  Tons of fun and quick too!

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