Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 62: Value Thrift Store Skirt-to-Purse

Bubbly Nature

  I made my maiden voyage today to Value Thrift Store and found many new OLD supplies to tinker with. I will post them as I project tonight was taking a cute little "crotch" skirt (and YES it was THAT SHORT) for $6 and turning it into a purse with three large pockets. I lost a lot of my glitter as I was working with it, but I will just get my glue on tomorrow and fix that problem! I will also add some big decorator snaps to the inner pocket so two of the three pockets will up up on the side too! The skirt came lined with a simple brown fabric, so I didn't have to line it myself! I will likely add some embellishments over the next couple of days too! On to the little jeans "crotch" skirt tomorrow!  More thrift store make-overs to come!  Thanks again, Kristin, for the field trip today!  It was a great day!  NOW I GO TO SLEEP!   ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
The bag is much more brown than it looks in the pics....the button really does match it, I promise!
I love pockets!  So rather than have one wide purse with the only pocket, I folded the skirt in half and now it is small, cute, and has pocketSSSSSS!

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