Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 72: frou frou fun all around

I used my lyno leaf stamp and some paint to make a nice little gift bag out of the 101 paper grocery bags that I have hanging around.  I double bagged and I turned the outside bag inside out so that the print wouldn't show....but in retrospect, if I had thought about the fact that I covered it nearly head to toe in black paint, then maybe the exercise in patience that is reversing a paper bag could have been avoided.  I stamped over the black with silver and then wrote words with a silver sharpie.  With some tissue paper in it (knowing me, I would hunt out some red stuff), I think it would be quite nice and funky.  This bag is modeled today by my dog Verbaux (google Verbaux if you want to know HOW ON EARTH my hubby managed to name our dog).  AND she didn't even eat the bow just to prove what a good dog she is (small snapshots in time, she is truly the model pup citizen).

Pink beaded necklace and frou frou hair thingy out of leftover ribbon for my pink eight-year-old princess.  Very quick, and she is all ready to wear all pink to school tomorrow.

Here is the outside of my next egg carton remodel.....Again with the silver paint and the lyno stamps as well as lettering and detailing with the silver sharpie.....the inside is STILL not dry.....maybe tomorrow the public will get a picture of the interior.  I know know exactly which eggs to buy to come up with the ultimate egg carton.....Archer Farms from Target....or the free range eggs that Rainbow has in the organic section......what I look for is the complete top (no holes please) that I can decorate it easily!  There is also an inside consideration as well, which I will share with photo tomorrow.

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